In this set we've enclosed only the best things for your car! Try out the legendary Japanese Fusso technology and make your car shiny and protected even in the toughest conditions. Enjoy perfect visibility and driving comfort even in torrential rain. It's PROTECTION TIME!

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Body protection

Fusso Coat
12 month wax

Legendary Japanese car wax and an absolute worldwide bestseller. Soft99's flagship car wax – most durable and simply unrivaled on the market. Best alternative to professional protective coatings. Choice of over 10 million car owners

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Glass protection

Ultra Glaco

The only hydrophobic glass coating that utilises the Fusso technology. Absolute number 1 in the field of invisible wipers, simply a must-have for every car owner! Achieve perfect visibility, full driving safety and comfort throughout the year!

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Glass preparation

Glaco Compound
Roll On

The safest and most effective way to get perfectly clean windows, and prepare them to bond with your invisible wiper. Instantly get rid of dirty deposits, scale and road film and enjoy perfect clarity and safe, comfortable driving experience.

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